Canesta cooperates with Optronic in 3D development

Article posted 091112
Interest is booming for 3D imaging in industrial applications. Ever since Canesta, inventors of low-cost electronic perception technology, launched their unique CMOS-based 3D camera, numerous applications have been developed, in everything from robotics to consumer electronics. The interest from new clients suggests that there is a plethora of applications still left to be developed, and California-based Canesta has decided to work with Optronic in several current projects.

“We are providing them with help from our specialists in the development phases of several client projects,“ says Gösta Forsén, sales director at Optronic. “Canesta are leaders in applications linked to 3D imaging, and it’s a highly motivating challenge, as well as recognition of our knowledge and expertise.”

Six months ago, Optronic signed a preferred supplier agreement with Canesta.  The agreement has opened up new possibilities for integration with products in many fields for clients in Europe, who have gained access to low-cost 3D imaging as well as cutting edge expertise in development.