Optronic's story began in 1974 when Aga Geotronics moved production of a newly developed instrument series to Skellefteå, Sweden. In 1987, the operation was bought by new owners and became part of a growth-oriented industrial group.

Under the name and brand Optronic, the business concept of providing services to realise the potential of optronics for companies offering products for industry on an international market.

The same business concept has served as the foundation for a goal-oriented commitment that has seen Optronic become a leading service company within its field. In the years that followed, Optronic took an active part in the process to build up a Swedish community around a growing future-orientated industry. One of the milestones achieved through the effort was Optronic's involvement in creating the industry organisation Swedoptronics.

In 1991, Sweden's leading actors in the field were invited to the opening of Optronic Centre, a new, ultra-modern and tailor-made facility. The first sizeable order for integrated development and manufacture was received in 1997. A few years into the twenty-first century, company sales exceeded SEK 100 million.


In 2007, Optronic was entrusted with a major role in the creation of a centre and laboratory for robust industrial measurement systems, thus passing another important milestone for the company's involvement in industry-relevant research. In 2008, an expansion doubled Optronic's production area in order to meet fast-growing demand.

In addition to the original owners - the brothers Pähr, Mats and Anders Lövgren -  Rickard Åström is now also a major owner. A long-term commitment securely anchored in an industrial group with over SEK 1.5 billion in sales as well as operational management ensures a stable environment resulting in continuity and growth-oriented development.